Wake Up Dublin Day of Mindfulness

Wake Up Dublin

You’re welcomed to join us for a Day of Mindfulness organised by Wake Up Dublin!

The theme will be Nourishing Mindfulness in Daily Life.

Activities will include sitting meditations, walking meditation, eating lunch mindfully, deep relaxation, and a panel/Dharma group sharing.

Price: There is no fee. However, donations are appreciated to cover the rent.

Who can come? Everyone between the ages of 18 and late thirties.

How many places are there? 
Due to the capacity of the room, the maximum number of places is 35. It is encouraged that you arrive no later than 10:45am. In case we have more than 35 people and you arrive late, we unfortunately cannot allow you to participate in the Day of Mindfulness.

Thank you for your understanding 🙂

Please note: The sign up for Day of Mindfulness is now full. We are no longer accepting new sign ups.

Why is the Day of Mindfulness only for people between the ages of 18 and late thirties?
Wake Up Dublin is a young persons Sangha (ages 18-35ish) and it is part of the Wake Up global network www.wkup.org founded by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. People of the same age share certain concerns and life challenges.

Therefore, it’s important to create an atmosphere in which young people feel at ease to open their hearts and share with each other. Places are limited and we ask for your compassion and understanding in leaving them for those in the stated age range. For those of you beyond the age range, you can join the monthly Days of Mindfulness at the Suamhneas.

What do I need to bring?

  • My own lunch
  • Tea bags
  • A blanket (for deep relaxation)
  • Something to make the room more beautiful

Can I only come in the morning or in the afternoon? 
Because the most important practices are in the morning session, we prefer that you come for the entire Day of Mindfulness or leave your place for someone else who can make it.

However, it’s fine if you need to leave in the afternoon for personal reasons.

Okay, I’m interested! How can I sign up? 
Lovely! Please fill out the form below.

Note: by signing up in advance, you have priority over those who didn’t sign up if there are indeed more than 35 people who show up