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42 thoughts on “Protected: Car Pool To/From Kerdiffstown House

  • Louise Sweeney

    Hi there,
    Iam looking for a lift to the wake up retreat in kerdiffstown house.

    I live in cabra north dublin but I can meet in the city centre if thats easier.

    if you need any oter information let me know.

    Thanks a million,


  • Annika

    Hi there,

    I would love a lift to the retreat in the afternoon of the 16th (I would like to help set up). I live in Dublin, near Phoenix Park and could meet in the city center or along the Red Luas line.

    Many thanks in advance!


  • Colm Geraghty

    Dear friends

    I have space for 3 in my car leaving Dublin on Friday.

    I’m flexible about time and pickup location.

    See you soon!

    • Suzan Hazer

      Hi Colm,

      It would be great to have a lift on Friday after work around 5-6pm (as I could not take Friday off from work) if there is still space? I’m working at Sandyford but can easily come to the city centre, would be lovely to keep in touch via e-mail if you are available? Please let me know if you changed your plans or no space anymore, I will search for the public transport 🙂 thanks a mill! Suzan

  • Jen

    I’m looking for a lift from Dublin to Kerdiffstown on Thursday. I finish work near the city centre at 16:30 (could swing an earlier finish if necessary), can travel to meet up.
    I’d like to get there as early as possible to help with set up. I can contribute to fuel costs.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Colm Geraghty

    Hi guys I got the dates wrong I’ll actually be heading down on Thursday and I can go down early to help set up. Louise, Annika and Jen if that suits you then you’re more than welcome!

    • Anonymous

      That would be lovely Colm, thank you! I’ll get in touch closer to the time to see about details.
      Chat soon,

    • Louise Sweeney

      Hi Colm,

      If you could offer me a lift on the thursday I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thank you.

      I will get in touch closer to the time to see about details.

      Chat soon

    • Annika

      Hi Colm,

      Thanks a million for offering to give us a lift. (happy to share costs of petrol of course… )

      I could leave around 4pm (just coming back from Germany around mid-day) and volunteered to help out showing retreatants to their rooms upon arrival from 5:45pm.

      Do you think that would work for you?



    • Heather Stevenson

      Hi Nyasha,

      Are you still able to offer a lift on Thursday? If you are that would be great. I’m travelling by bus from up the country, getting into Dublin Busaras at 5. I can get down on an earlier bus arriving at 3.30, if that’s better for you. I can attempt directions from busaras to Kerdiffstown. 🙂


    • sophia.pallaro@gmail.com

      Hi Nyasha,

      Do you still have space for a lift from Dublin tomorrow evening? I’ll be in UCD area at 6pm or I can be in town for about 7pm. I have a sat nav on my phone to get us there!
      Please let me know.

      Sophia 🙂

    • ben Crawford

      Hi Nyasha,

      Sophia and i are pals and looking for lift thursday evening, I make a great navigator lol

      Let us know please

  • Rachel

    Hi, I am looking for a lift from Cork to Kerdiffstown house for the retreat.
    I am from Ovens but could meet up in the City if that’s easier?
    I will put money towards fuel



    • Kathleen

      Hey Rachel- I will be heading up from Cork at city around 4pm on Thursday. You are more than welcome to get a lift up with me. 🙂


      • Anonymous

        Hi Kathleen,im last minute looking for a lift from cork to the retreat,sometime after 4,for 2 of us tommorow,do you still have space?my no 0861663379,thanks a mil,sinead

  • Martha

    I’m looking for a lift to the retreat at Kerdiffstown House.I can meet someone in Dublin City centre, if that is easier?

    Thank you,

  • Suzan Hazer

    Hi folks,

    I’m looking for a lift from Dublin on Friday evening, is there anyone leaving on that day?? Would be great to know, + we can share the fuel 🙂

    Thanks a mill!


  • Matthew

    Looking for a lift from Dublin on Thursday after 5:30pm. Can meet at the Red Cow Luas stop or city centre. Thanks. Matthew

  • Janet Williams

    Hi There,

    I’m looking for a lift for myself and two friends from Dublin city centre to the retreat on the Thursday evening, and if possible back again on the Sunday.

    We are based in Grand Canal Dock area but are happy to meet wherever suits the driver best in the city. We’ll be ready to be on the road for 5.45pm/6pm and we’re most happy to cover petrol costs 🙂

    Janet 🙂

    • Terri O Sullivan

      Hi Liz

      I was speaking with Don at yesterday’s Sangha and he mentioned you had a space. I’m living in Rochestown so I would be very grateful to get a lift with you from Douglas Court if there is still space?

      Thank you


      • liz

        Hi Terri ,
        would love to give you a lift leaving douglas court at 4 40 front enterance beside shoe shop my car is a black audi it will one of the first cars on permiter as you enter center don and sarah jane should be there

  • john


    I am looking for a lift from Dublin City centre on Thursday if anyone can oblige. Willing to share any costs associated obviously.

  • Paschal

    Hi, my name is Paschal and i will be leaving the Kinnegad area on Thursday about 5:00 to go to the retreat and have space in my car for 3/4 others. I can be contacted by e-mail at paschal_farrell@yahoo.co.uk or by mobile at 0862342935 after 3:00.
    Wishing you a great retreat

  • Carmel

    HI, I need a lift from Dublin to Kerrdiffstown House anytime of Thursday afternoon. Can help with petrol expenses. carmel_delaney@hotmail.com (that’s an underscore in my email address). Can meet in Dublin city center or where convenient.
    Thank you.

  • sinead

    Hi everyone there are two of us looking for a lift from Cork to the retreat tommorow,sometime after 4, sorry its so last minute but if anyone has space,we would hugely appreciate it.we could divide petrol costs,and we would be lively car buddies,smiles and thanks Sinead

  • Louise

    HI, I need a lift from Dublin to Kerrdiffstown House anytime on Thursday afternoon. Can help with petrol expenses. My email address is lsweeney68@gmail.com Can meet in Dublin city center or where convenient.
    Thank you.

  • Kerstin Rieger

    Hi All,

    I can offer a lift on Friday around 1.30pm from Rathgar to Kerdiffstown house. Just drop me an email. I will drive from Rathgar to Tallaght onto the M50.

    Cu there

    • Suzan

      Hi Kerstin, is there any chance of going later than 1pm today? I’ll leave around 4pm,would be great to keep in touch,thanks a mill, Suzan.